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Gregor Mogi
Gregor MogiOwner & Instructor
Gregor Mogi has been working independent now for 15 years and has spent this time steadily and constantly building up the GREGORS GmbH company . A major project is the MARITIME CIRCLE LINE that he founded in 2007. Here again innovations have been continually integrated over the years. Last but not least, in the Port of Hamburg we are the only barge company offering Hop-on Hop-off sightseeing boat tours with daily fixed departure times and with live German and English moderation.

This has resulted in the creation of a great team built up in recent years by Gregor Mogi .

Helmut Jonetat
Helmut JonetatSkipper and Instructor
“Once you’ve tasted water you can’t get away from it.” Is how our newest team member Helmut, a professional skipper in the port of Hamburg, describes his passion, which he made to his profession.
Helmut is a real “Lakes & Rivers” Capitan. After training as a port captain 1973 he acquired almost all the patents that are required for inland navigation in Germany. But as captain he not only made the German inland waters unsafe, but also in other European countries as well.
About 15 years ago he returned to his home waters – the Port of Hamburg.
Today he is at GREGORS MARITIME CIRCLE LINE and for us as Captain.

He enjoys the varied work and the many people whom he gets to meet on the daily cruises through the Port of Hamburg .

Maren Schmeckel
Maren SchmeckelTicketing & Sales
Maren is from our ticket office, which is located directly on the port, and gives customers and sightseers information about our harbour cruises and also takes care of the sale of tickets for the MARITIME CIRCLE LINE. She has been with us since the beginning of 2015 and is an important member of the team. She enjoys the harbour atmosphere, and cannot imagine a more beautiful workplace. Maren is the contact person for our cooperation partners and the associated marketing. She has spent 30 years working in tourism and therefore is very familiar with this industry. Maren especially enjoys the personal communication with customers and the related organisational work. Service-oriented work and consistent good quality on the tours are very important to her.
Maren’s passion is clearly tourism …
Vanessa Harlof
Vanessa HarlofApprenticeship in Event Management
She is the right hand of our future port captain Daniel and provides him with great harbour cruises and beautiful celebrations on board. She is establishing herself as a top event manager, because she enjoys the planning and organization of events and likes to be in contact with people. Vanessa hobby is swimming, and she is not only happy in the water, but also has a lot of fun on the water. She grew up in a marine environment and has followed in the family tradition.
Daniel Kropat
Daniel KropatTrainee Port Captain
Our trainee Port skipper Daniel is as full of motivation, as he was on his first day. Daniel grew up directly on the River Elbe and has studied nautical science. He has now moved into in the navigation of inland waters straight into our team.

When he finishes his training as a port Captain, Daniel wants get his patents as quickly as possible so that he may as a skipper, hold the control in his own hands.

Christian Schlüter
Christian SchlüterTrainee Port Captain
Christian Schlüter has always felt at home on the Harbour Quay. Through his passion for sport- boating and fishing, it made sense to start a career in this area. Our skippers are always there to support Christian and our other trainees with words and deeds. They are responsible for the maintenance of the barges, as well as taking care of our guests. Christians goal is to become a Captain and steer boats around the port.
Paul Sperling
Paul SperlingTrainee Port shipper
Paul Sperling came to us through his father who is also a harbour captain. This put him in contact with the harbour at an early age and showed Paul what would be expected of him. After an internship with us in operations, he declared his interest in the job as a port captain and also as in shipbuilding as well as working with people.